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It isn't really possible to simply "close a port" from outside the application that opened the socket listening on it. The only way to do this is to completely kill the process that owns the port. Then, in about a minute or two, the port will become available again for use.

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A socket is an endpoint for communication between two machines. The actual work of the socket is performed by an instance of the SocketImpl class. An application, by changing the socket factory that creates the socket implementation, can configure itself to create sockets appropriate to the local firewall. See Also (auto-generated): Thread 通过两种方式可以关闭一个socket:close和shutdown.直接调用close关闭socket存在以下两个问题: 1. close只是将socket 描述字的访问计数减1,仅当描述字的访问计数为0时,才真正的关闭socket. 2.close终止了数据传输的两个方向:读与写.tcp管道是全双工的,有时候我们仅仅是想通知另一端我们已经完成了数据的发送,但还 ...

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May 02, 2005 · Abit of a problem - When a client disconnects from my server, the socket on the server doesn't fully close, instead of kind of hangs on CLOSE_WAIT. I dont know how to detect what state a socket is in (like that), so I cant really think of anyways to remedy this problem. That often causes things like the TIME_WAIT to pile up and a large number for any of these may be an indication that you need to adjust your tcp timeout settings. netstat -ant | awk '{print $6}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n 1 CLOSING 1 established 1 FIN_WAIT2 1 Foreign 2 CLOSE_WAIT 6 FIN_WAIT1 7 LAST_ACK 7 SYN_RECV 37 ESTABLISHED 44 LISTEN 297 ...

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By default, when a Windows socket is closed by an application, Windows waits 240 seconds before closing and returning it. When a Linux socket is closed by an application, Linux waits 60 seconds before closing it. During this time, the port that the socket used is placed in the TIME_WAIT state and cannot be reused.

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Sep 27, 2016 · Internally, the connection uses a socket to send the client request and receives the response. Mongo Java & Nodejs Driver have a default socket timeout of 0s which means basically no timeout. While Ruby offers a 5s socket timeout. You don’t want to put a limit on this timeout as different operations will take the variable time to operate.

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Dec 08, 2007 · In other words, each connection has one TCP/IP socket. If you rapidly open and close approximately 4000 sockets in less than 240 seconds, you will reach the default maximum setting for client anonymous ports, and new socket connection attempts fail until the existing set of TIME_WAIT sockets times out. Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object ... Push messages with only one socket at a time Wait for ack is needed and make auto retry when write message is failed ...

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Tuning TCP TIME_WAIT Timeout Value. The second cause of these exceptions has to do with the TCP state model and the way sockets are closed. Even after a socket has officially been "closed", it hangs around in a TIME_WAIT state as a safety mechanism to deal with stray packets. The default wait time on all operating systems, generally, is ...

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That often causes things like the TIME_WAIT to pile up and a large number for any of these may be an indication that you need to adjust your tcp timeout settings. netstat -ant | awk '{print $6}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n 1 CLOSING 1 established 1 FIN_WAIT2 1 Foreign 2 CLOSE_WAIT 6 FIN_WAIT1 7 LAST_ACK 7 SYN_RECV 37 ESTABLISHED 44 LISTEN 297 ...

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You are probably seeing sockets in TIME_WAITstate. This is the normal state for a socket to enter on the side of the connection that does the 'active close'. TIME_WAITexists for a very good reason and so you should be careful of simply reusing addresses.

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[5:44 PM] Marcus Christie: There are consistently about 4,000 connections in TIME_WAIT. If they hang around for 4 minutes (240 seconds), then that means there must be 16.667 new connections being created (and eventually closed) each second. 在很多教材或者教程上,通常都是很简单的一个例子来演示如何使用java进行tcp通讯.在这款广泛被使用的开源组件中,我们能够更好的学习到一个企业级的组件在tcp连接的处理上,更应该关注哪些方面.有哪些是我们应该掌握或者了解的tcp知识.tcp协议本身相当复杂,我们做应用的可以先从应用层需要用到的 ... closed socket then a exception will be thrown with a message indicating that the socket has been closed. The signature is as follows – void close() throws IO Exception; 3 Conclusion Developing network applications is made possible in Java by using sockets, threads, RMI, clustering, and Web services. These technologies allow ...

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* * <p> This socket option is intended for use with sockets that are configured * in {@link java.nio.channels.SelectableChannel#isBlocking() blocking} mode * only. The behavior of the {@code close} method when this option is * enabled on a non-blocking socket is not defined. 如果A端是客户端,这并不会成为问题,但如果A端是服务端,那就很危险 了,如果连接的Socket非常多,而又维持如此多的TIME_WAIT状态的话,那么有可能会将Socket耗尽(报Too Many Open File)。 服务端为了解决这个问题,可选择的方式有三种:

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Contents1 TCP states2 FIN_WAIT_23 TIME_WAIT4 CLOSE_WAIT TCP states Most of the 11 TCP states are pretty easy to understand and most programmers know what they mean: CLOSED: There is no connection. LISTEN: The local end-point is waiting for a connection request from a remote end-point i.e. a passive open was performed. SYN-SENT: The first step […]For sockets accepted from a ServerSocket, this must be done by calling setReceiveBufferSize(int) before the ServerSocket is bound to a local address. For client sockets, setReceiveBufferSize() must be called before connecting the socket to its remote peer. Apr 23, 2019 · Rest of the program is quite self explanatory. Here is the full code of the chat client. # Tcp Chat server import socket, select #Function to broadcast chat messages to all connected clients def broadcast_data (sock, message): #Do not send the message to master socket and the client who has send us the message for socket in CONNECTION_LIST: if socket != server_socket and socket != sock : try ...

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Java 中通过调用Socket的setReuseAddress,详细可以查看源码。【这个地方会有风险,具体可以看(stevens的unix网络编程卷1 第181页)】 2、修改内核TIME_WAIT等待的值,如果客户端和服务器都在同个路由器下,这个是非常推荐的。(链路好,重传机率低)

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The Connections through NetScaler was remaining in TIME_WAIT state for a long time, hence the Client Application was unable to re-use the Socket.

Closing this socket will also close the socket's InputStream and ... (typically known as the TIME_WAIT state or 2MSL wait ... a ...

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Socket有以下几个选项: TCP_NODELAY 表示立即发送数据。 SO_RESUSEADDR 表示是否允许重用Socket所绑定的本地地址。 SO_TIMEOUT 表示接受数据时的等待超时时间。 SO_LINGER 表示当执行Socket的close()方法时,是否立即关闭底层的Socket。 SO_SNFBUF 表示发送数据的缓冲区的大小。

Socket中的TIME_WAIT状态在高并发短连接的server端,当server处理完client的请求后立刻closesocket此时会出现time_wait状态然后如果client再并发2000个连接,此时部分连接就连接不上了,用linger强制关闭可以解决此问题,但是linger会导致数据丢失,linger值为0时是强制关闭,无论 ... Dec 26, 2008 · A socket can be in CLOSE_WAIT state indefinitely until the application closes it. Faulty scenarios would be like filedescriptor leak, server not being execute close() on socket leading to pile up of close_wait sockets. (At java level, this manifests as "Too many open files" error) TIME_WAIT: 先呼叫 close() 的一方會進入 time_wait 狀態. 為什麼 time_wait 狀態需要保持 2msl 的時間. 如果 time_wait 狀態保持時間不足夠長 ( 比如小於 2msl) ,第一個連線就正常終止了。 第二個擁有相同相關五元組的連接出現,而第一個連線的重複報文到達,干擾了第二個連線。 Boyce hydro32 * @see 33 * @see 34 * @see java.nio.channels.SocketChannel 35 * @since JDK1.0 36 */ 37 public 38 class Socket {39 /** 40 * Various states of this socket. 41 */ 42 private boolean created = false; .

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Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. See @@ -3740,6 +3745,9 @@ Name or IP of TCP server Port to be used If selected, the connection is kept open. Otherwise it is closed when the data has been read. + If selected, the connection will be closed after running the sampler. + Enable/disable SO_LINGER with the specified linger time in seconds when a ... 更多关于close和shutdown的说明 1. 只要TCP栈的读缓冲里还有未读取(read)数据,则调用close时会直接向对端发送RST 。 2. shutdown与socket描述符没有关系,即使调用shutdown(fd, SHUT_RDWR)也不会关闭fd,最终还需close(fd) 。